Are Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Worth It

Extensive research on both the benefits to using disposable electronic cigarettes can reveal a lot of important points for users to consider when first deciding on what kind of electronic cigarettes might be right for them.

There is one main question which this article will address for its readers, and that question is, are disposable electronic cigarettes worth it?

The Benefits Of Using Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

  • There is one thing in particular that users of disposable of electronic cigarettes report to really like about them. They like that the size and shape of these electronic cigarettes are very similar to that of the regular, tobacco-filled cigarettes that they are often already used to smoking. This is definitely a key factor in why many people choose this kind of electronic cigarette.
  • Disposable electronic cigarettes, as a rule, come fully charged and ready to go upon purchasing. It can be a hassle to deal with changing batteries and refilling cartridges the way one has to do with a non-disposable electronic cigarette. So, convenience and ease of use are some other benefits to choosing this kind of electronic cigarette.

  • Disposable electronic cigarettes are discreet to use in public, and won’t draw too much attention to the user the way the larger electronic cigarettes often do. While some people might like to use a fancy, modern electronic cigarette as a talking piece while out and about or at social gatherings, other may wish to draw less attention to the fact that they are smoking at all, leaving the attention of their conversations with others free for other fun topics to be discussed.
  • On average, one disposable electronic cigarette is equal in the amount of puffs to that of several, regular tobacco cigarettes. Some users say it is about equal to a whole pack of tobacco cigarettes while other report a little less or a little more. Many electronic cigarette companies report that one of their disposable electronic cigarettes is equal to up to as much as two whole packs of standard tobacco cigarettes worth of use. If this is the case, with average packs of tobacco cigarettes costing anywhere from five to twelve dollars or so depending where a person lives, it seems like getting these disposable electronic cigarettes might be a smart buy in comparison, considering that they can run as low in price as the eight dollar range. So, especially in places like New York where regular tobacco cigarettes can run close to twelve dollars per pack, a person could save a considerable amount of money by switching to using disposable electronic cigarettes regularly.

Ultimately, each person’s preferences are different. Some people might not mind using an electronic cigarette that is much larger than the tobacco ones that they are used to. Some people might not care so much about being discreet in public or concerned about the savings they might experience from choosing disposable electronic cigarettes over tobacco ones. Some people might not mind jumping to a non-disposable kind of electronic cigarette even it means fussing with the batteries and cartridges all the time. There are a lot of cool benefits to giving this disposable style of cigarette a try though.

So, in answer to the question, are disposable electronic cigarettes worth it? For many users, they just might be.