5 Reasons to Use Electronic Cigarettes

There are things about technology that are absolutely wonderful. The way in which we can communicate faster than ever, the way in which we have access to high quality entertainment from a small device in our pockets. However, one of the greatest things about advancement in technology is the way our health has been improved through the assistance of medical technology

Electronic cigarettes are fairly new, but in a relatively small amount of time they have managed to take over the market. Why are so many people switching to “vaping” and leaving the toxic tobacco behind? Here are the 5 biggest reasons for which electronic cigarettes should be on your “wanted” list.

They Are Much Healthier

We admit it: smoking is addictive. And yet, few of those who pick up on this unhealthy habit can really quit. The results of doing this are disastrous for the human body. Lung cancer is just one of the many things people can develop as a result of smoking, but there are many, many other diseases and medical conditions that appear as a consequence of smoking (or at least in which smoking plays the role of an important risk factor). Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, do not pose these risks and they are much healthier for your body than tobacco will ever be (no matter how “filtered” it is).

They Are Cheaper

It may seem odd that a relatively expensive device such as an electronic cigarette is cheaper than actual cigarettes, but it is true. If you think of how much you spend on your average cigarettes every year, you will realize that investing in a high quality e-cig can be much more profitable and that it can save you tons of money.

They Are Better for those around You

Not only are cigarettes unhealthy for you, but they are extremely unhealthy for those around you. Secondhand smoke could affect your most loved people in life: your children, your spouse, your parents and so on. Switching to e-cigs, on the other hand, will pose absolutely no risk at all for those people that mean the world for you.

You Can Smoke Them Anywhere

Gone are the 60s when smoking was allowed in almost every single space (including hospitals!). These days, smoking cigarettes is faced with important legal restrictions and there are few indoor spaces where you are actually allowed to do it (most of the bars and restaurants have switched to a completely “smokeless” policy as well). Electronic cigarettes though are allowed everywhere: in the bus station, in your favorite restaurant, at work and wherever you are in the mood for a “smoke”. No need to restrain yourself because, as mentioned before, there is no such thing such as “passive vaping”.

They Are Trendy

Everyone is switching to them! Why wouldn’t you? Some of them come in designs that resemble the actual cigarettes, while others come in fancy and elegant designs as well. There are electronic cigarettes meant to resemble cigars as well and they all come in as many colors as you can imagine. Of course, you shouldn’t start vaping just because these devices are “fancy”, but if you are a smoker already, these things will look much, much better in your hand than a toxic cigarette.…

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If You Smoke Cigarettes, Check Out The Benefits of Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are changing the tobacco industry and smoker’s lives everywhere as they become more and more popular. If you or someone you love is a smoker, read on to discover the benefits of this new technology. We will discuss a few of the advantages that electronic cigarettes have over the traditional smoking techniques.

Five Reasons to Try E-Cigarettes:

Do it for your well-being.

Cigarettes contain tar, chemicals, and carcinogens in the smoke that we breathe into our lungs, and are a serious health risk for Americans. You do not have to light an e-cigarette, meaning no smoke or any of the tar and chemicals that come with it. Electronic cigarettes vaporize the nicotine into a fine mist that has the look and feel of smoke, without the unwanted side-effects. This makes smokeless cigarettes a significantly healthier option.

Save money.

Nicotine cartridges are considerably cheaper than traditional tobacco products. One cartridge for electronic cigarettes is the same as one to one and a half packs of regular cigarettes. You can expect to spend about $15 for a pack of 5 cartridges. If you do the math, you will see that it equals $2-$3 a pack. With traditional cigarette prices on the rise, this can save you a lot of money!

Smokeless cigarettes are more convenient.

Smoking bans do not apply to e-cigarettes because they do not produce any smoke. They look like the ‘real’ thing, so it is wise to get a manager’s permission before using one in a non-smoking environment. Generally speaking, however, you can use electronic cigarettes anywhere since you will not be emitting any second-hand smoke to bother those around you.

Traditional cigarettes stink.

E-cigarettes do not have an odor, so your will enjoy a fresher home, breath, clothes, and so on. It is more considerate of the people around you, as many people do not like the smell of burning tobacco.

Feel better.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that you are living a healthier life. While you will still be taking in nicotine, you won’t be getting the 4,000 toxic chemicals that traditional cigarettes provide.

Many people would like to know if electronic cigarettes can be helpful in an attempt to quit. As far as scientific studies have been able to definitively show, there is still research to be done to know for sure. On the same token, though, many quitting tools contain nicotine, such as gum or the patch. With that in mind, it seems that the same results could be achieved using the electronic cigarette.…

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